I work as a German and Spanish to English translator specializing in natural sciences, agriculture, ecotourism, food, and the culinary arts; social sciences (education, sociology, psychology, anthropology, human rights, and political science); and the humanities (literature and literary theory, art and art history, philosophy, memoirs, travel writing, and history). If you are interested in having other kinds of texts translated or edited, feel free to inquire.


Editing is the process of preparing your text for publication. This process includes correcting grammatical errors, detecting obvious factual errors, clarifying ambiguous or obscure expressions, providing a better overall structural, organizational, and logical flow, and removing unnecessary phrasing, information, or passages. Ultimately, the goal is to ensure a clear, effective, and accurate form of written communication for the intended audience and purpose. My years of experience writing for academic, business, or non-profit contexts will provide a specialist’s perspective for improved grammar, syntax, and influence in your writing.

General Language Consultation

I provide language consultation to adults and children for academic, professional, or personal contexts. For example, I have provided support tutoring for students taking formal Spanish or German language classes or English (English Language Arts). English language learners have improved their speaking skills and pronunciation. And individuals preparing for a public speaking engagement (conferences, corporate or business presentations, or general events) have gained confidence through practice and individualized feedback. Everyone needs a little help and feedback at some point and my experience in language learning, public speaking, conference presentations, and non-profit leadership will help you gain confidence for a successful outcome.


Contact me about rates for any of the above services.