Editing and Proofreading

“Erin has been a great help and her edits made a huge difference with flow and clarity for my chapter.”– Ada R.P., PhD candidate preparing to submit and defend her dissertation

Language Classes

“I loved this class! For several years I have wanted to learn Spanish, but without enrolling in a formal college class. Learning via CDs did not work for me, but Erin Riddle’s introductory Spanish class was exactly what I was looking for. Erin is friendly and supportive, and the atmosphere of the class was relaxed and non-judgmental; however, the assignments were rigorous and we all learned a great deal of Spanish in a short time. Erin is a wonderful teacher, passionate about her subject, and excited to share with us and watch us improve our skills. All of her students receive individual attention, and everyone is encouraged to progress at their own pace. She was very accessible and made a point of supplementing the weekly textbook assignments with short videos and other resources. If you want to learn the basics of Spanish quickly in a fun yet challenging atmosphere, Erin’s classes are the best!” — Debby H.

“This course exceeded my expectations in the amount of language skills covered and Erin was a very attentive instructor and great at moving us along to build on our understanding of the language.” — Jean C.

“Erin Riddle was a great teacher! I highly recommend taking a class with her if you are interested in learning Spanish, continuing your advanced Spanish, German, or English grammar.” — Laura S.E.